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KL International Book Fair 2010 Coverage , Day 2 .

Assalamualaikum and Greetings to all reader :)

Today I visit again to the KL International Book Fair 2010 to see how the book fair state by today. Of course the book fair today was very lively from yesterday. Seem response on the book fair really joyful and very encouraging.

At 2 pm, I departing from my house to PWTC and around 2.25 pm, I arriving in PWTC. Arrived me at there, I rushed to MPH Booth. Like what I say, Dato' Sheikh Muszaphar will be there at 2.30 pm. Yes, Dato' Sheikh was there, seem many visitor throng at the booth to take Dato' Sheikh Muszaphar signature and picture. At that moment, I also not letting the opportunity to take signature and picture with Dato' Sheikh Muszaphar.

At 3.25 pm, I went at MPH Booth to take picture again with Dato' Sheikh Muszaphar. Pictures that I take with him earlier was unsatisfied (my face 'buruk' maa). At last, I got that what I want, Dato' Sheikh stood up, hoho.

After that, I go out to McDonald's (huhh, again) to fill stomach on hungry. When I on take food, Hazwan, Azlan, Azim and Khairul Nizam coming to the restaurant, haha.

After eating, I continue my journey to the book fair again. Here the shots that I took on the 2nd day of the book fair.

At 5 o'clock, I went at main stage to catch a session with Gempak Starz artist. Among artist that I know was Keith. He had produced many comic strips and among his comics, I like the Lawak Kampus. Hoho, look! He draw Froggy :D

Okay, that's it for 29th Kuala Lumpur International 2010 coverage. Tomorrow I will not go there anymore to make preparation and get ready to asrama. Hoho, who are still not have a time to there at this week, the book fair administered until 28 March 2010. So, don't disengage the opportunity to visit to the book fair which held only once a year. Urge your friends or your family to the 29th Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2010 with various price offers and chance to meet famous writer and fabulous personality. Have fun !

Hoho, here the Dato' Sheikh Muszafar signature, whoa~ Thanks Sir ! ;)

Editor Notes: Hurmm, tomorrow is the last day of March 2010's school holiday. Why time passes so fast? =.="

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syazwina said...

xnmpk pun arib =,=

Arib said...

tulahh, pesta buku tu besar sngt la =.=

syazwina said...

btol btol :))

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