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Personal: The First Week of School :)

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera to all readers,

Yeah! This week is the first week schooling session. Hah, how about your school? I can imagine that this week at school, all of you met your missed partner and gets new junior. In this entry, I will tell my first week experience as form 4 student at Sejaya school and hostel.

At the Monday morning, 4 January 2010, I arrived at hostel around 10 o'clock. Huh, just a little form 4 students that I saw at the time. And later, Mubarak came with 'murid biasa' school uniform. Eyy, where your 'green uniform', Mubarak? He said that he doesn't want to be librarian at all. Okay2, I know you want leave sejaya soon :P After that, we went at pejabat asrama to register as sejaya student back. "Dik dik, Slip Keputusan PMR mana?" What?! They never told that they want the PMR results, aiyaa. I've got to call my father to send me my PMR results, ouh! Mubarak also had the same problem, he call his brother to send the PMR results.

Around 12.30 pm, everything was over when Mubarak and I have received PMR Results respectively. We went back to pejabat asrama, filled the information given and chose what dorm that we want. Hostel management only gave an option to form 4 students to chose with these dorm, Dorm 4, 19, 28 and some dorm at block D. Where the Dorm 3? Aiyoo, the new form 1 students have occupied the Dorm 3 :'( Because of that, at first we had chose Dorm 28 because Dorm 4 and Dorm 16 has been conquer by some group. We take bag respectively and came into the dorm. Hmm, the dorm environment quite different with dorm 3 where dorm 28 having dark environment because surroundings with tree. Mubarak on the other hand quite anomalous to stay in the dorm because unfamiliarity to stay in other block apart from block A.

In the hustle and bustle tidy up things, suddenly we heard warden chief called us to downstairs. He said that we were not allowed to loaf in dorm and must to school. He worried any incident happened if we lived within room when schooling session. After that, we headed to school and after solat Zohor, we allowed back to dorm. While waiting to rise to dorm, hostel management called new dorm 28 occupants to pejabat asrama. They told that some students will be eliminated from the dorm because the dorm was full and old residents of dorm 28 where newly arrived wish to enter that dorm. Mubarak and I again make room exchange to Dorm 4, adjacent to our ex-dorm, Dorm 3 :)

This year, room 4 populated with former member of Dorm 3 and Dorm 22. Dorm 4 brightened with Waliyuddin group which always make a fuss, haha :P And yet, we do not appoint whom which would be room chief. Maybe this week we will appoint among room occupants to become a leader of Dorm 4.

For school, this year I got 4A2 class where just like 4A1, class of 'Sains Tulen Agama' Stream. I can't believed that I must learn Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Bahasa Arab Tinggi, Quran Sunnah, Syariah Islamiah and the killer subject, Additional Maths. The problem is, can I score all of the subject? Haha, what make me happy, Mubarak and Mamir still being my classmates same as last year class. Because attracted many majority, 4A2 class monitor was Mubarak, haha. For this year, 4A2 class teacher was Pn Shuhaila which teaches Bahasa Melayu subject :) For other subject teacher, I can said 4A2 gets best teacher even En. Mohammad, the warden chief which teaches Mathematics for 4A2. I enjoyed in his class although he very strict in hostel, in class he has different pesonality. On past Thursday, 4A2 student was given textbook. Malay and English language literature material was converted to new. What attracted to my attention, the new Malay novel was given title 'Papa...Akhirnya Kau Tewas Jua'. Wah, quite impressive. I'm still reading the novel to find out why the 'Papa' defeated.

Ouh, I missed Hamizan Fakhri where he had moved into other school. "Hamizan, kenapa lah kau tak cakap kat aku yang kau dah pindah sekolah." =.= Okay, who are still waiting appeal to enter Sejaya back like Ahmad Zhariff, I hope that all of you get to go in Sejaya again, I missed the old memories :)

Editor Notes: If I get offers to boarding schools, should I move?

p/s: Sorry for my broken English =.=

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shakyla; said...

Arib, I still think you need to move to boarding school.
Ofcourse its gonna be the brighter future for you :)

Tapi, if you think you can study kat SEJAYA, study hard.

*Weh, ingat senang ke Arb tu??

So, choose the best for your future okay?
Tapi, if nk stay dgn Atuk pun okay jugak :P

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